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At Slo Moe’s, it’s our mission to put in all the long hours it takes to create unique bbq flavours – so the modern, time-poor consumer doesn’t have to. That’s why we’ve created our new range of ready-to-eat meals. Our chefs sourced a bunch of true American classic recipes – then took the flavours up a level, by adding Moe’s traditional bbq meats.

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Classic Moe’s

We use traditional offset Smokers identical to those used by the leading American and Australian BBQ restaurants to hot smoke our selected cuts of beef, lamb and pork for up to 16 hours. We then pack it, ready for you to heat and enjoy in less than 3mins. Classic Moe's is versatile product and can be used in burgers, sliders, tacos, chilli bowls, nachos, salads, pizzas, fries and more.

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Here at Slo Moe’s, we’re always looking for new ways to bring our authentic, 14-hour BBQ to our growing band of fans. So we’re just tickled pink-in-the-middle to introduce our new range of food service products.