Here at Slo Moe’s, we’re always looking for new ways to bring our authentic, 14-hour BBQ to our growing band of fans. So we’re just tickled pink-in-the-middle to introduce our new range of food service products.

  • We go to great lengths so you don’t have to

  • Premium cuts of 100% Australian lamb, pork and beef

  • Authentic American BBQ quality – with the convenience of a bag

  • There’s a huge range of dishes with Slo Moe’s beyond burgers and sliders

  • Slo Moe’s meats come sauced (1kg bags) or un-sauced (3kg bags)

  • Un-sauced allows you to add your saucy flare (think Asian, Mexican)

  • To enquire about our food service range contact us or call 0499 888 561.


Heat and Serve 1kg

  • 14-Hour Wood Smoked Lamb with Moe’s rich ‘n’ spicy Kentucky sauce

  • 14-Hour Wood Pulled Pork with the wild tang of Moe’s Memphis sauce

  • 16-Hour Wood Smoked Beef Brisket with Slo Moe’s sweet ‘n’ smoky Kentucky sauce

  • Available in 1kg bags sauced.


Heat and serve 3kg

  • 14-Hour Wood Smoked Lamb

  • 14-Hour Wood Pulled Pork

  • 16-Hour Wood Smoked Beef Brisket

  • Available in 3kg bags un-sauced.



These ain't no humble pies! Premium pastry – traditional American BBQ fillings. A delicious shortcrust pastry base and puff pastry lid made with real butter- 100% Australian lamb, pork and beef - Available raw + frozen – or par-cooked + frozen.

  • Slo' Rider Beef Brisket Pie - 16-hour smoked authentic bbq brisket, mixed with Moe’s sweet ‘n’ smoky Kentucky sauce with a hint of hickory

  • Little Flocker Pulled Lamb Pie - Our 14-hour smoked pulled lamb, stirred through Moe’s rich ‘n’ spicy Kentucky sauce

  • Pulled Leg BBQ Pork Pie - Moe's traditional 14-hour smoked pulled pork, with the wild tang of Memphis sauce.



100 years of bbq mastery, squished into a patty! Tender, smoky and flavourful – your grill won’t know what’s hit it!

We go to great lengths (16 hours worth) so you can simply heat and serve our patties- They’re a totally unique offering that’s just waiting to be added to your menu - Our patties are grilled just like a regular hamburger patty – but taste way more special - Give ‘em a squeeze of your favourite BBQ sauce, an’ you got a match made in heaven.

  • Slo’ Wood-Smoked Pulled Pork Patty - Moe’s traditional 14-hour, wood-smoked,BBQ pork – pulled and formed into patties

  • Slo’ Wood-Smoked Pulled Brisket Patty - Slo Moe’s 16-hour smoked authentic BBQ pulled beef brisket – as a melt-in-the-mouth patty.