Our founders, Darren Lange and Rob Porcaro, would be first to admit Slo Moe’s is hardly the latest taste to smack your lips. In fact, the techniques we use to slow cook our meat go back years. Hundreds of ‘em.

But we are the first and only folk – both here in Oz and abroad, for that matter – to bring you authentic, slow-cooked, Southern American BBQ that can be picked out of the chill cabinet and is ready to heat at home.

At Slo Moe’s, we put in the hours – all 14 of them – an’ hard work so you don’t have to. And we mean, hard work – this isn’t set and forget cooking. Our pit masters are continually checking the exact temperature of the smoke and meat to create those unmistakable layers of intense flavour

And while we always rest our meat, we ain’t restin’ on any laurels. Staying true to our Southern-style BBQ origins, we’re always looking for new ways to bring Slo Moe’s to our growing band of fans.

That’s why we’re just tickled pink in the middle to introduce our new range of ready-to-eat meals – with plenty Moe exciting ideas on the way.